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What are White Riders ? Well if you’re reading this you probably are one.

Its a term I coined after myself and a constant flow of people at talks/ workshops and groups were having some form of white horse appear to them. It could be in dreams , neditations or readings  , but a white horse would appear.

The type would vary from horses to unicorns to pegasus but the overall meaning was the same. Its a sign that the soul it has appeared to , is at the point of accepting greater spiritual responsibility.

We are all here to experience life and grow as beings in our understanding and application of the laws of love. Love in its true full sense as a force of change , not just the romantic notion we all enjoy…

Where we go once we master these laws is for another  section but know that once your white horse appears , then there is a new opportunity for you to grow on your spiritual journey and your human physical journey.

It usually signifys the start of a protective or guardian role. This could be on the astral plains rescuing or guiding souls or in the physical world protecting people , animals or trees.

You may also feel the need to be surrounded by like minded souls , even if you’ve been a loner before…welcome to the White Riders…

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