I have spent a lifetime gathering information and experience on many spiritual subjects.  I trust that there will be something here which will enrich your life and help you to connect with the wonder and limitlessness of your own inner power, creativity and uniqueness.

I have a strong connection with the Angelic realm.  I see them, feel them and work with them everyday.  They have changed my life into one of constant growth, creativity and joy.  For me, joy is the best way to connect with the Higher Realms, so if you come to one of my events, prepare to enjoy yourself.

Working with the many different types of Angels led me to other great beings of light, collectively known as the Ascended Masters.  These are our elder brothers and sisters.  Two I must mention are Saint Germain and beloved El Morya.  It was these Masters that guided me into the life changing healing energy known as the Violet Flame.

The Violet Flame, briefly, is an energy that can transform any unhealthy, heavy energy (illness, emotional pain and karma) into a higher vibration of well being and I am witness to some amazing healings.

They also started me on my journey of Land Healing asking me to gather as many souls as possible at Glastonbury, England to transform some dense energy there.  This, in turn, led me to do similar work all over the British Isles (from Dorset to the Orkney islands).  During my travels across the country, I met some lovely people who invited me to do spiritual workshops, talks and concerts in America.

Through trusting and following the guidance of Angels and Ascended Masters I have been on many travels around the World, from Michigan and West Virginia in America to the Orkney Islands off the Scottish coast and land healing in the south of France (in the Templar/Cathar country).

An important theme through all my life has been music and I have created many songs, music and meditation albums over the years.  Unknown to me at the time of writing many of the songs contain keys and soul triggers.  These unlock inner information which can help you move forward on your spiritual path.  When writing songs my fingers often seemed to have a life of their own and songs would just appear.  Over time, my personal contact with the higher realms confirmed that music is a very powerful way of connecting with people.  I was guided to record Chamber of the Heart, Journey to the Secret Chamber of the Heart Meditation to link people with their hearts and to their higher self.  Practising this will strengthen your guidance and discernment, which is vital on the spiritual path.  Many of my songs can help to connect you to your true spiritual nature linking you Guardian Angels.  Lots of people have had past life experiences, emotional healing and sensed their Angels whilst listening to my Music.

Whether you want to find out about Angels, Atlantis, Ascended Masters, the Violet Flame, Land Healing, Music, Meditation, Elementals, Chakras, Crystals, Past Lives, Karma, and a host of other subjects, it’s all here on the website.

In Love, Light and Laughter

God Bless