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One day I decided to walk through the Findhorn village and head out to the sea.i was soon in beautiful white sand dunes a mm d found a sheltered slope that looked out toward the sea.

I can’t come all this way and not meditate on a beach so I settled down and began to breath the fresh sea air deep into my lungs.

the sun felt good in my face and I closed my eyes..for some reason I found it hard to relax… and eventually I decided to open my eyes and just drink in the beauty of the seascape before me.

at the moment I let go and stopped trying too hard to be all spiritual and cosmic it happened.

I looked out across the turquoise sea and there seemed to be a heat haze blur on the horizon line and there it was. A city of towers and colours and forms . A city shimmering in the distance and I heard the word Atlantis.

This experience ended up as the inspiration for “SEEING CLEARLY on the “THROUGH MISTS OF TIME ” album

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