Oh how I love the violet flame… but, what is the violet flame? Its an energy, a spiritual fire that vibrates at the colour violet (strange that…) This is the frequency that transmutes (Changes) low energy to high, heavy to light, bad to good. It sounds simplistic but this miracle tool can bring about such a great change in your life. It works on every level of your being, so it can heal you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

rotate.phpA Violet Flame Workshop, will explain how to create this energy and use it in your life to bring about change. Its known as the flame of freedom as it frees you from old ways of thinking and being. New opportunities and an abundance of health and wealth will enter your life. Now the Violet Flame can bring about miracles, but as with anything in life, you have to put some work in and this takes the form of actually creating the Violet Flame energy through the power of sound. You create this vibration through the power of the spoken word… Thats right CHANTING! or mantras, decrees, prayers, call them what you will… has that put you off? hopefully not… maybe you are very comfortable with chants or affirmations or maybe you are just discovering this and it all sounds, well a bit mad… hang in there, the proof is in the pudding.

As you get into creating and using the violet flame there are two other aspects needed to make it really powerfull. You create the energy through sound , but you energise it with feeling from your heart and visualise it with your imagination. (Your third eye holds the vision, your heart chakra empowers it and your throat chakra actually creates the vibration in the physical octave)

When I started my conscious spiritual journey, all this kind of stuff should have sent me running to the hills, but, you know what? It felt right in my heart and since doing this I haven’t looked back and my life has become full, rich and fun. There is more depth to my life. I have true friends now that I call my brothers and sisters and I have a purpose to my life that leaves me fulfilled. I trust that in sharing this I may open the possibility of positive change in your life. You will be amazed at where this spiritual path will take you and the VIOLET FLAME is the most useful spiritual tool you will ever find out about.

violet_fireDid I mention it burns away Karma (past actions returning to you for balancing – see talks on karma and reincarnation) Everything you are experiencing in your life is due to choices you have made in this and previous lifetimes.   This can include:

Why you were born into your particular family.
Why you chose this particular sex.
Why you may be experiencing unpleasant things in your life.
Why you may be rich or poor, healthy or ill.
Why you have chosen a particular country/place to live.

What if you didn’t have to be in that abusive relationship, what if you didn’t have to experience that illness. Many things can be avoided because you may have already learnt the lesson, but, you still need to balance the energy. How long do you have to hold your finger in a flame to know that it hurts? Don’t worry you are not cheating if you don’t suffer. Do you think God wants you to suffer? or do you think that our Father/Mother God would like us to learn from our mistakes, put it right and move on. As I said earlier you still have to put some work in, because you have to actually create the Violet Flame energy that will burn it all away…

A Violet Flame workshop will equip you with the mantras/prayers/chants/decrees you will need to bring about great change in your life. You will have an understanding of how and why it works and through guided meditations and exercises you will be able to feel for yourself the great healing and freedom the VIOLET FLAME brings.

The workshop includes guided meditations to link you in with your highest self so that you can discern the truth and enable you to take full advantage of this life changing information.