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how easy that sounds, trust your intuition…a few years ago , when I had a regular healing practice, I saw a chap who asked me for some healing and to let him know if I saw or spoke to any of his guides. of course , I said. during the healing session a huge Angel literally filled the room, it was incredibly bright , but I could make out his outline which was tall , powerful and male.

“who are you ? “, I asked

“Simone “, he replied

Simone ? , I thought , sounds a bit feminine for such a mighty angel.

” I am an Atlantean Angel ” were the only other words I could clearly make out.

true to form , as all healing angels do, he did most of the healing work in the session and I just moved around as directed , channeling the healing energy through my over heated handsand did my best not to get in the way.

at the end of the session , the Angel left and I shared what had happened to my client.

“did he tell you his name ”

” yes “, I said  and then I let my human ego side take over….I can`t tell him this 7 ft tall mighty male angel was called Simone, I`ll have to masculine it up a bit…

|” yes , he`s called SIMON ”

” that`s funny ” , he said , ” I went for a reding the other day and they told me I have a new guide , called SIMONE ”

” ah well… that`s what he told me …but I it…..”


and the moral of this tale is is trust your intuition and be honest , no matter what you think it sounds like.

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