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20140404_185550As well as these previous beings mentioned i have seen other tree spirits and elementals that take on another form.

While on a day out to the malvern hills, a female being of light approached me and my partner seperately and asked for help to remove some heavy black magic energy that was blocking the ley lines and dragon energy of the hills. As we`d both been approached seperately and had the same request we organised a whole group of people to return and do some earth cleansing/healing. It was during this time that i saw these other woodland folk.

We were scouting the area to choose the point where we would focus the energy and had been guided to a spot where the water that fed some sacred wells emerged from the hillside. As i looked at the surrounding trees i began to see some movement and as i looked i began to fine tune my inner sight to the frequency of the woodland and i began to see gnomes, faries and these other elementals which seemed to be made out of wood , bark and branches, they really were woodland elementals.


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