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About 8 years ago I cofounded the registered charity – THE ANIMAL HEALING TRUST. Now we mainly rescued horses and had around 24 which meant we had to rent more and more land but this tale concerns an old field we rented in Alvechurch

it was a large landlocked field that backed onto another field owned by someone else and ran parallel to another large scraggy field we rented.

we had 3 horses in this field , one a beautiful white/grey mare called Daisy. One day the owner of the next field was banging on our cottage door, claiming our horse was in her field , attacking her horses..

i grabbed a head collar for the horse and raced down the lane straight to this ladies neighbouring field. Quite the opposite to what she said had really happened , our poor Daisy was indeed in her field,but it was she who had been cornered and attacked by her two horses , as evidenced by the marks and bruising on her white coat. i jumped over the gate calling to Daisy and a relieved horse ran over to meet me. i slipped the head collar on and led her through the gate , up the lane and back into our fields. i could see she was visibly shaken and nervous and i left her in the main field while i went to check where she could have got through.

now horses are clever souls , if there`s a way to escape or get extra food they will so i fully expected to find a clear route where she`d either pushed a fence down or leaped over a low bush and somehow managed to find a way in to the next field. i looked very carefully as i needed to repair the gap to make sure it didn`t happen again. the lady from the next field watched me walk the line of demarkation between the fields , as i had done her side and i could find nothing.

between the fields were trees and a brittle spikey bush and much to my dislike lots of barbed wire.. there were no breaks, no damaged branches and if she`d plunged through the brittle spikey bush there would be cuts, blood and lots of snapped branches on the floor, but there was nothing. there was also a stream and a small pool at the bottom between the fields which meant the ground was very muddy and soft…there were the normal hoof prints by the pool but none along the fence/tree boundery and if it was possible to leap the wire ( and as i mentioned before there would be a lot of debris from broken branches etc )it would have left very deep hoof marks as she pushed off…there were no such marks and none on the other side…she would have to have landed somewhere.

i called over to the woman, “i can`t see where or how she got across.. can you see anything your side ?”
” no “, she unhappily answered. i added another strip of electric wire ( which wasn`t connected ) just to make it look as if i`d done something and to act as a clear deterrant to the other horses.

how had Daisy got across , i wondered.

i meditated on it as i knew this was quite a special field, as it was somewhere i`d seen gnomes, faries and talking trees. i received the information that there had been a time slip. in times gone by this field was part of a much bigger field that encompassed all 4 surrounding fields. humans had carved them up into the smaller ones in more recent times. something had triggered a time slip and and time had phased into a past time where there were no bounderies and Daisy had merely walked over , probably drawn by greener grass or the the handsome horses and then time slipped back and there were fences again, only she was on the wrong side of them.

i don`t know what had triggered the time slip but the cottage, the local fields and lanes were strange places where at certain times it felt very uncomfortable. there were huge burial pits found close by and ley lines , so who knows…

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