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it is with great sadness that I explain The Richard Keogh Angelman show never aired on the crackling air waves or rather Internet radio waves… but why ???

Several shows were recorded and carefully put together ,  after the guy who  ran PLANET X  invited me to put a show together…

The journey started when I made a couple of appearances on radio  mersey fm…apparently there was some good feedback which led to being interviewed on the Pkanet X show.

Due to the controversial nature of some of the shows radio fm thought it too risky and the show was booted off only to be resurrected to larger internet audiences on a 24 hour cycle..

The Angelman show was to be one of these shows but the other conspiracy theory based shows often asking awkward questions and revealing truths that perhaps were a little too awkward heralded a strange time for Planet X…

The site kept having problems crashing and disappearing. ..were planet x being nobbled ???

The Angelman show was meant to be lighter and more entertainment based …it had lots of madness , humour , my true life spiritual experiences from angels to ghosts to past lives interspersed with music from across my albums… silly voices and songs…like Morecombe and Wise meets kenny Everett meets monty python…

I’m releasing the shows as a series of cds and mp3 dowloads and possibly u tube videos with lots of still pictures flowing behind the show…anyone interested ?

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  1. 5-1-2015

    I would love to see your you tube videos , also your CDs

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