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20141115_210219i mentioned in an earlier blog about the significance of feathers, here is a more direct breakdown of their meanings , according to my experience.

if you see actual feathers, pictures of them, in the clouds or they come to you in any form, they carry different meanings-

WHITE FEATHERS-Angels are waiting to connect and guide you in a stronger way.its advised to meditate more and get out in nature where its easier to connect. its also a sign that you have an Angelic nature and may even have Angelic soul origins.

BLACK FEATHERS-Archangel Metatron is around , master of sacred geomatry ,who often works invisibly. the black is to represent that your spiritual work or growth is taking place in private , under cover and that you are protected and safe.
if the words undercover are jumping out at you , it may be that you are doing special work that requires you to be invisible…i like to think of Archangel METATRON as the james bond of the Angelic realm…

BROWN/SRIPED FEATHERS- earth yourself, engage in life more and as you live more in the now and in the moment you`ll have a stronger connection with your higher self and your angelic guides.

PEACOCK FEATHER- if you come into possession of one of these beautiful feathers it means your third eye is opening and you`ll be able to see and understand more. if your psychic abilities develop under the guidance of Angels you`ll have a safer journey and won`t be pulled into the fear and illusions of the astral realm. it also hints at a previous lifetime on Atlantis.

ARTIFICIALLY COLOURED FEATHERS- these too can have a meaning for you , because if they find their way to you it may be the only way to reach you at that time.
PINK- represents love and creativity
BLUE means protection and communication
YELLOW means wisdom and illumination
GREEN means healing yourself or others and abundance

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