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IMG_0275“lets have a day out , and go to Sherwood Forest ” said Phil innocently… but I knew better, ” hang on a minute “,I said” business or pleasure ? ” … you see when you`re into spiritual things , life is never always what it appears to be…and sure enough Phil smiled and said ” well I think we have got to do something , but I`m not sure what ….”

We jumped into my car and headed to Sherwood Forest and couldn`t resist singing the old tv theme music ” Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen…” If you ever hear Phils singing voice you`ll realise that its not the easiest thing to listen too but apparently I was a man on a mission , so I smiled nervously and braved the aural torture my poor ears were being subjected to..

As we drove along , we both sensed the energy change in the car ( nothing to do with Phils singing, honestly ) and as I was concentrating on driving , Phil tuned in and said ” there`s a black panther sitting in the back of the car ”

” course there is ” , I joked

“no seriously, I think its here for you ”

I`ve always been interested in Native American ways, so I loved the fact that I had a new power animal , a new animal guide and although I`d looked into various animals meaning , I didn`t know what a black panther represented but I thanked it and welcomed him to journey with us. ( in a future post I`ll tell you more about my panther )

When we arrived my panther leaped out of the car ahead of us and into the trees. I think we have to go this way… following our intuition both Phil and I were drawn away from the visitor centre and deeper into the wood. eventually we came to a wire fence which said keep out…so we climbed over.

Deeper and deeper we walked until we could feel that we were in the right spot. We both closed our eyes and with our hands against two trees we meditated and asked for guidance. Everyone vibrates at a unique frequency and everyone naturally tunes in to the things that resonate with them and I have a strong affinity with Angels and elementals and sure enough an Angelic being known as The Lord of the Woods came through to me.

He asked me to help clear some negative energy that was affecting the trees and elementals. Apparently in times gone by a lot of trees had been burned and over the years many people had been killed in the woods and the low frequency negative energy was attracting more and more , creating a dark cloud of fearful ,heavy energy.

“No problem”, I confidently said…I began to call all the Angels that I know , out loud , to add more power  to the proceedings , when Phil interrupted me..

“can you see him , over there ? ”

I closed my eyes and looked towards where Phil had pointed. I could see a figure dressed in black with a very dark cloak and got the feeling he was shouting at me , tho I couldn`t actually hear. This is where Phil came in, he could actually hear him and was bearing the brunt of this “mans” rant.

“He`s telling us to leave his woods, we`re not welcome ..”

“charming ” I said, “but they`re not his woods and we`re here now by invite of the Angelic realm through the local Lord of the Woods !”

the figure in black wasn`t at all impressed with that and carried on shouting threats..poor old Phil , I couldn`t hear a word , so I was blissfully confident and carried on with this land healing.

I called in Archangel Zadkiel to sweep through the land and take up any low frequency energy to be transmuted into harmless light…

“he`s not happy Rich, he`s going mad here..”

” Never mind him, there`s work to do “, and I called in Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary to help heal the trees and the land and the souls of any animals and people killed on this land. Bit by bit the darkness in the woods was lifting .

“he`s really shouting at me now.. ”

” hang in there Phil, I`ll call Archangel Michael and Faith to sort him out…”

We were surrounded by Angels , all doing their various jobs of healing or protection. With my 3rd eye I could see and feel the energy lifting and as the darkness disappeared , I could see the souls of men , women ,children and animals being revealed. They`d been trapped within the borders of the forest since they`d died.

We called for the land to be cleansed and healed and all the trapped souls to be taken to the higher realms according to their highest good. Almost immediately a giant column of light appeared , like a giant cosmic lift and the souls were being guided to it. They literally stepped inside and were transported to the heavenly realms. Some were wary until the warmth and peace of the Angelic beings drew them closer and closer until only the man in black remained.

Defiantly he cursed and threatened until he stopped shouting and listened as I gently but firmly kept repeating that everything was alright and that all were welcome to cross to the higher realms where all would be healed. I remember calling him brother and this seemed to strike a chord with him. As he calmed down , I told him his loved ones would be waiting to welcome him. Maybe they were standing in the column of light beckoning him , for suddenly he was gone.

the wood seemed truly peaceful. ” looks like our jobs done “, I said to Phil…

“Actually, the oldest pub in Britain is not far from here….”

” Oh no, I`m tired….”

and the work goes on..


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