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my dear friend and soul brother Mick, passed away earlier in the year. he was a gifted musician and engineer, a real character and his death is a great loss to all of us on the physical plane. I visited his wife  and as I`d visited his home every week for several years , it was an emotional experience to drive there knowing he wasn`t going to answer the door.

we soon got talking about old times and our shared memories of this great man. I sat opposite his partner and as I listened to her , I became aware that someone had placed their hand on top of the back of mine, which was resting on the arm of the sofa.

“is that you Mick ? ” I thought to myself …” if it is , please touch the top of my head ”

I felt a very firm, physical pressure on the top of my head.

I looked at his partner and said, ” Micks here, he just touched my hand and head ”

her eyes teared up as she told me , she`d told Mick I was coming and to make his presence known , if he wanted to.

our family, friends, human or animal are only separated from us by death by the finest vibrational change. they`ve raised their vibration , leaving the physical behind but they aren`t far away.

God bless you Mick , you are still much loved and talked about. I`m blessed that your musicianship graces a few of my albums. there is no one plays the violin quite like you.

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