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As part of a pre wedding celebration I decided to head down to Conway with two of my groomsmen to buy some swords for part of the wedding ceremony. ..the fact that we love swords and had an excuse to camp out and visit castles and drink mead while brandishing newly purchased swords is neither here nor there…

anyway..we jumped in the car and headed from the Midlands towards Wales. As we crossed the border all three of us noticed the energy change and we looked out on the beautiful green of the Welsh countryside

we were laughing and relaxing as we looked forward to our weekend away. Phil who sat in the back went unusually quiet. ..” can you feel it guys ? ” he asked

” er.. no ” was my honest reply and as Martin was driving he couldn’t take his focus off driving.

” well I know this sounds a bit strange but there’s a king sitting here in the empty seat…he’s not saying anything , just looking straight ahead ”

I must admit I’ve never had the ghost of a king hitch a lift but hey we’re friendly guys..


it seems we were reinacting, tho in a rather modern version, of a time when we escorted this king before…and he never spoke to us then either… mere lowly knights….or we were dreadfully boring…

as we arrived in Conway he disappeared. .and as we parked up we thought maybe we’d stepped through a time portal as there were templar knights ¬†and folks dressed in medievil clothes. .it turned out we happened to arrive on the anniversary of king Edwards proclamation over the Welsh people

as we entered the castle we discovered the story of the castle’s origin and king Edwards part in the building of the was quite strange that as we walked the castles walls we began to plan its defence and note its strengths and weaknesses ( non we could find )as if we were knights in charge of the logistics and the defence…maybe we were

we definitely felt that there was a purpose ( beyond us buying swords and getting slightly merry )for us all there on that particular anniversary. We cleansed the site as best we could with a good dose of Violet Flame and left knowing that we would return…


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