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IMG_20816269110188IMG_933575245325It seems a very romantic and fanciful notion that some of us rode around in a bye gone time as knights. ..but some of us did…maybe its why you’re reading this…as a fan of history I’m under no illusion to the reality of those darker days , so why do they have such a fascination and hold over some of us?

in some cases we are drawn to past life experiences , sometimes for good reasons sometimes for karmic reasons of unfinished business or a particularly dramatic episode that left a deep impression on our delicate memory body… whatever the reason you’re reading this , so it must have some resonance.

I noticed that many of my friends , male and female were having the same lifetimes and scenes surfacing in dreams , meditations and healing sessions. Now one or two maybe a coincidence but suddenly every other person in the various groups started approaching me then   i knew something was happening.

it reminded me of when I was young and was receiving a nightly download of spiritual information and visits from the angelic realm. I was being shown past lives and visions of the spiritual destiny of the British isles and the role it would play on the world stage. Some if those scenes were of a band of knights that would return , regroup and use the power of the Spoken Word…S word , Sword instead of physical swords as they’d once used…

are we the KNIGHTS OF LIGHT  ?

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