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there have been new energies sweeping into the Earth having many different results. the main one I felt was a huge re sorting of my belief system and understanding. it was as if everything I knew or had experienced was being tested and any second hand knowledge I had gathered was almost dismissed. everything seemed turned on its head. as well as all the spiritual turmoil , my physical body seemed in revolt too , with aching joints, especially the fingers, aching lower back and tooth and eye problems and disturbed sleeping patterns….if not for the almost overnight change I would ascribe these symptoms to the on set of middle age…but I digress…

friends were also describing these symptoms so there does seem some credence in thinking these may be symptoms of this new energy that is spring cleaning the Earth and its inhabitants. what is the source and reason for these energies ? a simple cover all answer would be GOD ( or the GODDESS if you prefer ). has some cosmic energy been released from on high…or another region of our galaxy which is speeding electrons and molecules up ? for what purpose …or is it a natural force/energy that occurs  to help life evolve into higher vibrations….is our DNA changing ?

THE EXCALIBUR ENERGY  is here, we have the sword of truth, the sword of our inner power. Sword can be made into S-WORD, the Spoken word.  maybe this lifetime we will use the Spoken Word rather than the physical Sword. Maybe the world is ready for a higher vibration and the Excalibur energy is that new energy, maybe we are now worthy to handle this powerful creative energy, the power of the Spoken Word. maybe the world wasn`t ready to pull the sword of this pure energy from the heavy vice like grip of the physical, dense  world we live in but  like the story of Arthur of old… we are now ready and worthy to hold the sword aloftIMG_14407348126320

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