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I was married at the time ( first) and lying next to my wife drifted off to sleep. I`m not sure whether what followed was taking place on the physical or astral realm, but it was very real and i became aware of this experience waving my arms about very much awake.

I was lying in bed when a thick dark cloud descended upon me. It was a very physical experience as i could feel a weight , as if someone was sitting or pressing hard upon my chest . I began to find it hard to breath as if i was being smothered and i began to panic.

It felt like i was suffocating and i immediately thought i need archangel michael to help me.

Then another voice or thought came to me. “no , don`t call on michael deal with this yourself , you can do this , you have the tools “

I suddenly remembered that in an earlier meditation archangel michael had given me my own etheric sword to cut my self free from attachments and defend my self spiritually.

I was filled with a sense of outrage that i was being attacked in my own home and i reached down to my side and drew my sword and began frantically slashing and stabbing at this black mass. It was actually difficult to lift my arm at first as if it was being pinned down to prevent me from freeing myself but i would not be stopped. I began to feel the cloud lifting, enough for me to get my breath back and i began to say prayers of protection and empowerment.

This is one of the prayers i used , which i found in the summit lighthouse organisation and was supposed to have been given to mark phrophet by archangel michael himself.

Lord michael before, lord michael behind

Lord michael to the right, lord michael to the left

Lord michael above, lord michael below

Lord michael, lord michael wherever i go

I am his love protecting here, i am his love protecting here, i am his love protecting here.

Then as quickly as it descended the cloud vanished and i was sitting up in bed saying prayers out loud. My wife was asleep but still a little unsettled so as i lay back down i continued to say prayers of protection quietly to myself so as not to wake her.

Within minutes tho she was nudging me asking if i was ok. I apologised for waking her and described the very real attack i`d just experienced.

“thats strange” she said ,” i was just dreaming i was walking down the back garden path when this black cloud smothered me “

“seems we ere both attacked at the same time by the same thing “

Whether we were attacked or were tested , as with the earlier story my friend also had a similar experience so it seems its not just an imagined experience…

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