After spending many years searching for answers to questions such as why we are here on Earth, what is the purpose of my life. 13 years ago I met Richard whose teachings answered my questions and introduced me to Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and, most importantly, the Violet Flame. I attend his monthly meetings where like-minded people meet and enjoy an evening of music, meditation and mantras, to help oneself and the world. One such evening the Violet Flame energy was raised to such a pitch that the hands on the wall clock spun around for some time and reverted to the correct time. Everyone just sat watching awestruck. Amazing! Richard, I have so much to thank you for.

Wendy Green

Dear Richard

When we went to Avebury in October, Sylvia said that when we put our hands on the earth we connected with the ley lines and one of the major ley lines went straight to London, where of course much Light is needed. Since I have started doing the meditations with you my mind has opened up again and I have had some amazing experiences. Yesterday before I came to the meeting, in meditation I saw a Master. He was wearing a white turban, white gown and a pink coat. Although it didn’t look like him, I knew it was Charlie an elderly gentleman I knew for several years. He died almost 2 years ag ago. His life hadn’t been easy, he was a male nurse in Burma in the Second World War and had seen his friend crucified on the side of a lorry. He suffered with depression but he was always a truly honest, spiritual person. I sat in meditation with him for about 2 years and I knew I had been with him in bible days. Last night in the meditation he was there and I could have cried with joy for him because I knew that he has just made his ascention. In life he suffered betrayal and crucifixion but now he is where he belongs.

God Bless, Barbara

Thanks for today a truely enlightening experience, I went on to a Sufi chanting workshop- profoundly powerful also, (every Sunday at 6 next to assembly rooms, blue door on left.) I arrived home tonight ‘complete’ and ecstatic. I also overheard a lady at the Sufi meeting speaking to the teacher, she said this evening she thought the Tor looked twice as large and it had a violet light around it and seemed bright!! I couldn’t help tell her what we’d been doing, she was amazed. But it seemed the coincidences were flowing fast today as they do in Avalon!!

Much Love and Light Juliet, Dorset.

Dear Richard,

We met you on the Glastonbury Tor in the hours before Summer Solstice. We felt we “recognized” you and knew your soul from lifetimes ago – the Atlantian crystal under the Tor seems like a fitting place to reconnect . Thank you so much for being there at that moment and increasing our connection to the meaningful energies there. Your willingness to include us in your circle was touching. Hearing the toning of your group called to us – irresistible- the voice of “All yet none yet one”, calling us to join in. When you called in “The violet flame” in your meditation, we felt [shy yet] undeniably compelled to continue. We are both Reiki Masters (of both the Usui and Karuna systems) and our connection to St Germaine and this violet flame is already profound.

Your ability to lead the group competently in a growing thought form and purpose was evident. The closure of your circle of energy, leading each of the participants to connect with their own higher self and honoring the Christ spirit in each “friend” was both wonderful and moving. Thank you. Bright Blessings upon you and your work. We wish to reiterate our genuine invitation for you to consider coming to visit us if you ever come to the USA. Our home in West Virginia and wonderful community of like minded people would welcome you. Attached are two photos of your group on the hill. Again our web site is Please reconnect with us.

Your friends as Light Workers, healers and teachers, Kathleen and Breighton Dawe.

I have never been to Glastonbury & was unable to that day as I was at a ‘spiritual’ college near Stanstead Airport so I chose to go into the gardens, meditate & send distance healing instead. I ‘tuned in’ to Richard Keogh & his friends at approx 12.45pm. There were a lot of people.They appeared to be on 2 levels? Some were higher than others, like some were on a hill? & some were down below.

I approached them & channelled a huge blanket of protection. At first it appeared sky blue then turned to violet. Once this was in place I could see that Richard was beaming with white light, it was like it was literally coming from inside him, protecting him from within. I then saw a lot of Ascended Masters on the top of the hill, in the centre, & a chariot. I don’t know if they had ‘arrived’ in this or if this was symbolic. I’m new to this Ascended Master stuff so I just trusted what I was shown. I was given the names, Jesus, St Germaine & Hercules. Plus there were a crowd of angels also.

Jesus was beaming pink light into the earth. Then I could see huge crystals, pink, yellow, clear/white. They appeared to get bigger & radiated a lot of energy. They were very powerful. Then I saw a white light beam carrying green light inside it also go into the earth. I then became aware of myself & I was also looking down on Glastonbury. I seemed to be about 8 feet tall & was challenging energy also. I could see the combined efforts of everyone was causing something that looked like an invisible earthquake type of thing, the energy having a huge effect & flooding the earth with light.

I was aware I was not alone & had 4 figures behind me who were watching. Three of them were knights in armour & the fourth on my right was incredibly powerful in armour also & with a white sleeveless tunic also with a huge red cross on front & a large sword. I was told ‘King Arthur’ & his knights. I noticed I had been given a golden sword & it was on my right but I didn’t need to use it. These 4 were protecting me & everyone else as we sent out this beautiful energy of love & light to flood the earth. When I came round & came back to the gardens I felt wonderful.

With Love & Light, Sue

On the whole the day was very positive for me and I did not feel any negativity or resistance to what we were doing or going to do. Walking up the torr I had the sense of the presence of positive energy and vitality. Looking back on the event I think it was an earth type energy and not air which is more commonly associated with the torr, in fact there was only a slight breeze at the top which sort of confirms it for me.

Before the start of the session I sensed energy flowing clockwise around the torr and noticed people checking the energy lines around them. To me the energy circled infront of the remains of the abbey on the side of the compass, and I did not feel the need to go to the other side of the ruin. I could not tell if the energy was going into the ground or upwards but instead had the distinct impression that there were golden spirits to one side of the monastery all gathering together and waiting.

During the event we were asked to visualize a golden column of light entering the ground subsequently fanning out in shafts of light into the earth grid. The impression I recieved was of this golden column made up of spirit literally throwing themselves into it headlong with tremendous energy and force (that’s different for me a I don’t usually pick up this sort of thing). The light spread out in all directions and I believe at the point that the light started to spread out I heard an explosion like thunder. It was really incredible to sense the force of the event.

The second visualization was of a sword entering through the top of the monastery ruin and into the ground, touching a crystal buried in the earth. The sword was basically white with a ruby red colour running down its length. The crystal in the ground was tinged blue in a dark blue earth. At the point of contact, gold and white rays shot out into the grid (after the event I was puzzled as to why other people that I knew were not equally affected or commenting on the sheer amount of energy entering the ground).

The last part of the activity was about contacting our higher selves and to my surprise, behind me stood a thirty foot golden being, with a guide sitting in front of me. The guide placed a sword across my palms.

Andrew Taylor

Came to see you today for an angel drawing, as well as my daughter Katherine, you were so nice to us, and Katherine is so made up now she knows her guardian angel, and so am I and I am going to be a lot happier now, knowing he is watching me and taking care of me.

Thanks again Richard

Collette and Katherine

One othe most beautiful experiences I have ever had was my first Violet Flame Gathering in Sutton and meeting you at the cottage.


Hi Richard I was at the MBS fair today and bought two of your music CDs, Through the mists of Time and Songs of Spirit. I missed your talk but must say I felt a feeling of joy when speaking with you. Your music is soothing and I love the words. Thank you.

Michele Allix