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On Friday the 25th January 2013, I had the great pleasure and honour to teach 4 hour long classes of 11 to 16 year olds about Angels and meditation.  There were about 40 pupils in each class and this was part of a guest speaker day.  The children had no idea who or what the subjects were and I noticed the initial horror on their faces as they entered the classroom to see a long haired hippy with a guitar and a picture of an angel projected on the wall behind.  Who knows what was going through their minds but it didn’t look good!  Luckily the fact that I’m not from any particular religion allowed for an openness and ability to share my angelic experiences without any hidden agenda to join a particular faith.  The other secret ingredient for success is the ability to laugh at yourself and inject as much humour as possible.  I fully realise how strange and mad some of the things I’ve experienced must sound so I make the information as accessible and grounded as possible.

I now have a great respect for any teacher, especially those at comprehensive schools, as it is very hard but enjoyable work teaching such a wide age range.  During the hour I had each class we covered as many topics as I could squeeze in especially past lives, colour therapy and, of course, angels.  I gave many of my true life experiences to show that if you follow this angelic guidance the result is that your life gets exciting, full and interesting.  I explained how, by following angelic guidance, I have changed career and travelled the world doing things that I love such as playing music and sharing my spiritual experiences and getting paid for it!

Students experiences

The most rewarding outcome came from instant and subsequent reportings of the encounters during the guided meditations.  Many of the students who had no previous interest or belief in angels received very vivid experiences.  These took the form of visual and audio experiences such as one girl finding me during break time to say that she had seen the outline of a very tall man standing to my right who was made of light.  Another girl heard a female voice joining in while I was singing the song She Danced on the Water.  She opened her eyes to see if it was her teacher but was surprised to find everyone silent with their eyes closed.  I explained that this was quite a common experience as I have a female angel called a Muse who often joins in when I sing songs in public.  But only those with certain gifts hear or see.

Teacher feedback

It was very interesting to find that the students that I connected with or who connected with me were all the students that had things going on in their life.  Most were coping with troubles of one type or another and when I asked who actually believes in angels the teacher was amazed that the only boy who raised his hand was one of the toughest in the school.  Students that she expected to be vocal and into the angels were unusually quiet and the students she least expected were the most animated.

Although I cannot name the teachers, pupils and school involved, you know who you are and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share this information with you all and I really enjoyed meeting all the staff and pupils.

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