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At the back of a cottage in Alvechurch, england where I was living at the time, there was an old tree, one of several that edged a neighbouring field. One evening as the light was fading I was talking with our horses in the back paddock where I became aware of a voice on the wind.

I was hearing it with my inner ear and it sounded like an old voice whispering. I looked towards the trees and noticed that in the dimming light that the silhouette of the tree looked like the profile of a head. As the wind blew a lower branch moved away from the main “head” of the tree and it looked exactly like a jaw opening in time to the sound of the voice i was hearing. The tree was talking and connecting with me on a visual as well as audio level.

The tree was telling me it had seen many changes over the years and that it looked after this area and that our horses were under its protection. On another occasion it was saying about a powerful wind which had blown over some of his friends was not of natural causes but dark forces trying to erode the protective shield that trees naturally provide to all around them.

There are many causes for powerful wind storms . Most are actually caused by humanity. When a human sends out bad thoughts or actually creates energy by voicing opinions/ arguments etc, the negatively qualified energy is released into the atmosphere. The energy is sent out to who ever or whatever it was aimed at but on its journey to and from it attracts more of the same type of energy. Like a magnet the law of like attracts like is very powerful and whether its good or bad , more energy is drawn together than was initially created.

This energy exists in time and space, it has been created by thought and given a physical reality through sound . All around us in the very air and atmosphere itself live elemental beings collectively known as sylphs. When we project our angry words through the atmosphere it affects them. Our heavy negative energy clings to them and literally weighs them down. As they are beings of the air their natural quality is one of lightness.

The heaviness becomes too much for them to bear and the sylphs try to free themselves by shaking it off . Much like a centrifugal experiment in a science lab, the mixed up liquid separates itself in the test tube as it is spun at great speed. So the elemental sylphs throw off the heavy energy in a spinning motion which creates the energy waves we perceive as wind.

Next time you hear of a place or country that is being battered by great whirlwinds and storms its probably negativly qualified energy returning to the place of origin.

Anyone who has animals especially horses may have noticed that high strong winds tends to spook and unnerve them. One of the reasons for this is that trees and elemental beings use air currents to communicate on. When there are storms there is a cacophony of voices all merged together in a disturbing unrecognisable way and the sensitiveness of the horses pick up the confusion and the noise and it unsettles them.

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