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Although we had a large back garden and paddock with the 6 horses we had at the time and with more on the way we needed to rent another couple of large fields. The one was land locked and the only seeming route to it was to take the horses all the way round to an access point that meant walking the horses on a busy road that linked alvechurch village to the hopwood island that led to a motorway junction.

It was too busy a road to take jittery , damaged horses that we had rescued on , so i had to find a safer way. As with a lot of property in the country there are alot of footpaths, bridal paths and rights of waythat go through peoples property and ours was no different, but these invariably have styles which horses can`t climb over….

I decided that if i removed 2 styles and replaced them with post and rail that could be lifted off to create a gateway, the problem would be solved and i could move the horses safely and it worked.

The problem came when i removed the last style that led between two trees directly into our new field. The style popped out of the ground easily , it was rotten and half gone already.i tried to dig a new hole to drop the post in but the style had originally been put here before the trees had grown and their roots had filled the entire ground for a good few meters. I didnt want to damage the roots and they were so well established that it would have meant hacking away for days. I would never harm a tree so i had to come up with something else.

I know if i put a hook on each tree i can put a rail acroos on them and it`ll be really secure, the trees themelves will become the posts , but i need permission from the trees first, i don`t want to hurt them screwing the hooks into their trunks.

I placed my hands on the trunk of one tree and let my vibration, my consciuosness become attuned to the level of the tree. I explained the situation and suggested this would be the safest, least painful solution to the problem.would it be ok ?

There was a gap before i heard anything it seemed like an age of quiet then it exploded like a comedy scene of two washer women chatting over the back fence. The voices were high in pitch and spoke very fast. These two trees were two old ladies and in lightening fast time and with voices not unlike a monty python sketchthey said to each each other…” What do you think ?, What do you think ? Sounds allright, it won`t hurt us , what do you think ? Sounds all right to me ? At least he`s aking…VERY Nice..I Like watching horses, be nice to see horses , shall we do it then ? And then the rush of voices ended with a definate yes.

I put the rail across , the horses were safe, the trees were happy and whenever i passed between the two trees i always said hello and thanked the two ladies.

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