Tree Spirits

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KmWithin each tree and bush lives a tree spirit. Like us some are young and some are ancient souls.if a tree spirit whishes to connect with you it can make itself visible through the leaves, branches and bark. Many people have seen and experienced faces and even whole body shapes within trees and foliage. I believe it is an honour and very special when the tree spirit reveals themselves in such a physical way. Those who do see things within these nature forms have a natural connection to the elemental kingdom and it may be that they have experienced a lifetime as either an elemental or tree...

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Talking Trees

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At the back of a cottage in Alvechurch, england where I was living at the time, there was an old tree, one of several that edged a neighbouring field. One evening as the light was fading I was talking with our horses in the back paddock where I became aware of a voice on the wind. I was hearing it with my inner ear and it sounded like an old voice whispering. I looked towards the trees and noticed that in the dimming light that the silhouette of the tree looked like the profile of a head. As the wind blew a lower branch moved away from the main “head” of the tree and it looked exactly like a...

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