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20141116_115257It wasn’t the sunniest day and it was certainly bracing but we braved the elements and saw the striking and dramatic scenery of the island.

As we stood on the rocky coastline and looked out to sea I saw the strangest cloud. The cloud itself wasn’t too was a large grey mushroom shape but where the stalk should be there were bright , clear vertical lines of colour.

there was a rainbow coming out of the bottom cloud straight down into the sea. There was no top or curve to the rainbow , it was as if the cloud were projecting it downwards like the shaft of light from a torch.

“Have you ever seen its like before ?” I asked our orcadian guides ?
” no , never..”

it was one of those occasions where I had no working camera , but I will paint a picture from my vivid memory…

as we continued our tour of the island , we visited an ancient barrow . We crawled through the tunnel entrance that opened out into a round room , large enough to stand in…the guide didn’t know how old it was or even who had placed these stones then covered them with earth but some vikings had found it and sheltered in some distant past as they’d carved nordic rune symbols and some graffiti which roughly translated read ERIK WAS ERE…

a few bones had been found and the guide claimed it was a burial mound but I didn’t feel that was quite right. I think as humans often do , we find and make uses for existing structures and maybe someone conveniently used this to bury someone but this felt like it was mire than just a tomb.

the structure had an acoustic resonance that to me felt it was more like an amplifier. Maybe prayers were amplified and transmitted to the higher realms..a phone booth to the Gods..

whatever its original purpose the energy in there felt heavy and blocked and I felt a good sonic blast of prayer energy would give it a good lift and spring clean..I asked tge guide if we could gave a few moments alone 5o do a prayer or chant to cleanse it. He gave me one of those ‘ not another new age chanting nutter ‘ look but he reluctantly agreed to 5 minutes…

simon and I chanted the Ohm , I invoked the Archangels and the cleansing power of the Violet Flame energy and we left the barrow with a much lighter energy.

now where’s the gift shoo , did I notice some mead…

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