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This will come as no great shock to many but trees are alive…I’ve had many experiences with tree spirits and elementals , some of which I have shared …
about 8 years ago I lived in Bromsgrove in a virorian terraced road that was under the shade of a beautiful ancient protected tree… directly underneath was a bungalow that was sure the tree was responsible for the lack of interest in their house they were selling.
over the years they complained and complained to the council always with the same reply..its protected. They decided to take matters into their own hands and we were told by their direct neighbours and council workers that the tree was then systematically poisoned until they had grounds to get the council to cut it down.

the workers arrived and began to set about their grim task once everyone in the road had gone to work. My partner at the time , much to her credit saw what was happening and raced out and made them stop.they called their boss who arrived and said the tree was dead and was now dangerous and thus the protection order was invalid.

despite everyone’s protest they cut the tree down , which proved by examination of the trunk to be perfectly healthy after all but it was too late.

the grey sky seemed to echo the sadness and then those who had eyes to see saw two huge angels come down and lift the soul of the tree up. It may have been my emotion but it seemed distressed as tho it had been taken before its allotted time.

trees perform many tasks and one important role is protection.the whole energy of the street changed. We all felt exposed and vunerable. The character of the road changed and it became a bland repeat of other surrounding roads. Within 3 weeks 9 houses including ours went up for sale.

we sent healing to that poor tree spirit and I ask any of you who are cutting trees down or are seeing any trees being harmed , call Archangel Michael in to protect them and call to the Green man and Pan to help. Other great beings to call on are the Lords and Ladies of the woods. ..

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