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DSC01045DSC01019Rennes les Chateau, is one of those famous places steeped in mystery , a poor church  that suddenly became incredibly rich with hints of lost Templar treasure and possibly information on the continuing   lineage of Jesus the Christ.

This was the initial focus of our healing work. The spirit of Saunier, the priest at the centre of this intrigue had appeared to our friends and asked for help to be freed from his turmoil. Intrigued by his request they came to myself and Sue, who they knew had experience in helping souls to cross. They were also guided that this may be a more difficult job than it seemed….

Saunier was the catalyst that propelled our little band from England to France and on further meditation we found that we were to clear heavy energy from two sacred sites. energy had been deliberately blocked through mis use of ritual and magic . the sites that were to be healed were Rennes les Chateau and Montsegur. Both sites were on powerful ley lines that criss crossed and affected the whole Earth


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