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Since January 2014 , the VIOLET FLAME GATHERINGS have taken on a fresher more inspired feel. After the usual opening prayer of protection, calling many of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim and Elementals to protect , guide and watch over the proceedings, we went into a guided meditation.

These are always open to flow where the muse takes me and include me playing and singing to use the vibration of music to make a stronger connection. They normally take the form of relaxing and connecting with the higher realms through breathing exercises and following a guided journey.

After this particular meditation we created a sound I describe as the ” eternal Ohm “, where everyone joins in and creates a harmonic sound wave that ebbs and flows as people join in ,creating a constantly changing ┬ásound of creation.

People are often amazed and comment on the fact that sometimes hundreds of voices can be heard joining in , but as I remind them, we do invite the Angelic host to join us…

As the eternal Ohm drew to a natural close we all started to automatically make a different kind of sound.People intuitively joined in what I can only describe as a soundscape. We all sang different notes , which blended into harmonies that again ebbed and flowed as people joined in.

What I saw with my 3rd or inner eye was a truly beautiful sight . All of the notes we were producing were swirling into streams of a pearl white light that converged above the circle of people and formed almost a church like spire of light. How many other times are we singing and chanting creating wonderful etheric forms ?

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