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violet_fireIt seemed a normal Sunday Violet Flame Gathering , i say normal but hey , we sit in a circle , chant and meditate, so normal  is a relative term , but anyway…

Most people know of my passion for saving animals and i do all i can in the present physical life but it dawned on me the countless billions of animals who have suffered at humanities hands through the centuries. What about them ?

With my knowledge and understanding of the properties of the Violet Flame i knew it was possible to use this energy to take away all pain . with the violet flame group gathered  ( around 30 people ) i knew that because of a special dispensation ( from the Ascended Masters – see workshop notes for further explanation on these beings ) everybodys energy would be multiplied by the next person and so on allowing this relatively small number of people create a huge amount of energy.

The energy is actually created through intention, visualisation and the creation of sound waves through mantras and chants . ( a fuller explanation of the Violet Flame energy can be found in the workshop notes and future e book release , The Violet Flame , The Best  Kept  Secret)

Now all i needed was a way to send all this healing energy back in time….enter the Reiki symbols. I have always believed we go through life collecting spiritual tools so that we always have the most appropriate method at hand to solve the issue. In this case Reiki provides sacred symbols that can send energy across time. By uniting these two healing forms you can create the most amazing healing tool.

The group created the Violet Flame Energy, we attached the energy to the symbols and i called in the Angels to take and oversee the distribution of the energy . I could see with my third eye all these Violet Flame Angels arrive under the guidance of Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst ( The Archangels in charge of the Violet Flame Ray )

We set the intention that the energy be taken to any animals who suffered in wars or in laboratory animals and i began to see visions of animals caught in wars. In particular i was taken to a scene in the first world war where a horse drowned in the mud in a bomb shelter. The ghost of the horse was still trapped in distress to this day until four angels used the Violet Flame energy to lift it out on a violet flame blanket of energy. Its soul was then escorted to the higher realms for healing.

The clock goes backwards

Two amazing things happened in the room, the lady sitting next to me ( who used to keep horses ) began sniffing and turned to me and said thats strange i can smell damp horse. No wonder i thought, on a soul level, with your connection to horses you were probably helping us lift it out of the crater. There was also this loud whirring noise and someone pointed and said look at theclock. At the point we`d sent energy back in time , the hands on the clock had begun to travel backwards. This continued until i saw the last bit of energy taken then the clock returned to its normal clockwise motion at exactly the right current time.

After spending many years searching for answers to questions such as why we are here on Earth, what is the purpose of my life. 13 years ago I met Richard whose teachings answered my questions and introduced me to Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and, most importantly, the Violet Flame. I attend his monthly meetings where like-minded people meet and enjoy an evening of music, meditation and mantras, to help oneself and the world. One such evening the Violet Flame energy was raised to such a pitch that the hands on the wall clock spun around for some time and reverted to the correct time. Everyone just sat watching awestruck. Amazing! Richard, I have so much to thank you for.

Wendy Green


  1. 3-14-2013

    Hello – i met you at the recent Body, Mind and spirit event in Nantwich – i was the girl chatting to you about the Violet Flame at ya stall and i got a CD of ya – doubt if you can remember me but great if ya can. I’m interested in learning more about the Violet Flame and wondered if you do any workshops??? would be very interested. Hopefully i’ll hear from you. Hope all is good with you.

    God bless ya xx

  2. 3-31-2013

    Hello Richard, like all you are doing a lot as always. Hopefully see you at the next Violet gathering. Happy Easter day. By the way Ozzy is doing amazingly well. Thankyou Violet Flame Angels and Reiki Angels for requests for healing. We appreciate as always. Oh in case any one reads Ozzy is our amazing dog .He has been receiving lots of healing from the heavenly realms and is amazingly well now.Lots of love always Shaz Bart tribe furry friends and fish. xxx

  3. 11-7-2013

    Just what genuinely stimulated u to post “Sending Violet Flame Energy across time | Richard
    Keogh”? I reallycertainly loved the post! I appreciate it

    • 4-22-2014

      Hi there Elias,
      I posted that experience in the hope that other people would either be intrigued by the power of the violet flame and look into it further or better still start using the same idea to heal this world of ours and all life on it…just think we can erase all suffering , if enough of us use the power of our minds, hearts and voices from the very beginning of time…
      kind regards

  4. 5-5-2014

    Love reading up on the Violetflame and would love to learn more and have an attunement! i recently listened to you talking about your insights and experience through the angelic realms – what and inspiration – thank you for you sharing and helping us look within. I am interested in learning more and would love to read your ebook when it is ready 🙂 I feel i’m ready to take more steps in using the violet flame for it’s healing benefits and raising our vibrations here on earth.

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