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A lot of people would love to see Angels and all the elementals and it’s a skill available to all but like most things in life it requires practice.  Some people have natural ability but this will probably be due to practice in previous lifetimes.

Unfortunately there is no quick path. Your physical and spiritual bodies and energies have to be prepared. Even those who have the ability to tune in and see the higher vibrations,  can only do so for short periods of time. One reason is,  it can be quite tiring as it requires a lot of focus. Another reason is for your sanity…if you constantly saw the spirituapbworld and all its creatures overlapping the physicalbworld it could become very confusing and could lead to insanity. Perhaps some people who have been described so are really just sensitive souls who are seeing two worlds in one.

If you desire to communicate and see the Elemental Kingdom it will happen but it needs to be for spiritual growth rather than just fancy as this can lead to connection with lower Elemental beings which inevitably leads to problems.

At first just trying to communicate will open the door and although you may not have built up  the sensitivity to understand you will be answered.many times people become awair of a change in the atmosphere even a tingling sensation in the body. This physical sensation heralds the beginning of contact and communication.

Sometimes 2 way communication takes the form of a series of images and feelings that your human brain then translates into words…fine tuning when you may be sharing the experience through talk or written word.

If you are able to see with your physical or inner eye you can be sure that some Angel or cosmic being has sponsored the  event as it would take their extra boost of energy to lift your vibration high enough to see. This usually happens when there is something important that needs to be done, healing some issue or sharing what you have been allowed to see for the benefit of others.

For some people it has taken alifetime of 60 years or more to be able to see while others have taken less time but are on an accelerated path.

If you regularly work with ley lines or power nodes or points, you may have built up sufficient energy to see the Elemental Kingdom and all its beings more quickly than others. This is a generalisation though as it would still depend on your motives and true readiness for the experience.  The auric fields of many Elemental beings are very powerful so you need to be ready.

Meditation allows you to access the higher realms almost instantly in your finer or etheric body and have wonderful contact with the elementals if you trust yourself and don’t doubt that your imagination may have created it all…

Dreams can be a means to contact too but is less reliable as you have less conscious control and may have drifted into the lower astray realm ( your last feelings and thoughts will determine your destination) as a last means of contact, elementals can use dreams to contact you and they will have a very vivid and memorable quality to them.

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