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Scotty drove Chanda and myself around many civil war battlefields and i asked “if we could see the battlefield where Bull run was”,
” you mean the battle of Manassus”….
“no Bull run”, i said.
“Scotty smiled , you can tell you were a Union man, thats the Norths name for the same battle…”

now although i`ve had a continued interest in the civil war , i never knew that the same battle could be known by different names…
we headed for Gettysburg which is a massive theatre of war, thousands of men fought and died over a huge battlefield.

it wasn`t long before we walked to a field where Chanda turned to me and said
“do you feel ok ?”
“yes ” i replied , “why ?”
“you`re standing where you died ”
“oh, i feel ok ” i didn`t realise that these things can have a delayed reaction…boy was i ill the next day.

i woke feeling the most ill i have ever felt , i was vomiting and felt like i was dying.when i lay back , i asked myself what was going on and i was showed that i was releasing all the trapped energy and shock of the death of my civil war lifetime..

it all made sense as i can honestly say i felt such fear and felt as if my life was draining away. it turned out i was hit by a cannon ball which took my leg off and my horse and i bled to death. not the nicest way to go.

my soul had needed to visit the actual site of my death and reclaim a soul fragment that had been left in the ether there due to the shock of the death.

a day later i felt better than ever…soul fragment re claimed…DSC00312




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