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Although i have never seen pan yet , i`m becoming more aware of him and the way that he`s been given bad press from the christian church. It wasn`t until they chose to use the cloven hoofed image of pan to represent the devil , probably to persuade people away from earlier beliefs and ways that the image strikes fear.

I believe c.s.lewis ( a devout christian ) was trying to redress the balance and paint fauns ( of which pan is like the equivelant of an archangel to an angel )in apositive light through his chronicles of narnia series of books. Its plain to see that he themed christian beliefs such as aslan the lion being sacrifed and resurrected in a jesus like fashion. What better way to reach a lot of people and plant a more positive seed.

We live in a polarity, that is an environment that has the polar opposites of love and fear. Its only in such an arena that we can exercise of freewill and learn about the consequences of our choices. As such one of our most important lessons is discernment. To test us , as well as all these benevolent beings they have dark counterparts or what is generally known as false hierarchy. This means there is a dark version of pan that looks similar but has a completely different agenda.

It may be that it was this false pan that got the noble angelic pan the bad reputation and devil like image that has been assosiated with him for the last 7000 years. Still if you are connecting with any nature spirits exercise caution and discernment that you are working with the good guys.

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