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20140601_20494520140601_204956During my stay at Findhorn I met some people who lived on Orkney and when they found out that I did Angel workshops and guided meditations they made plans to invite me at a later date to do an Angel workshop over there

sometime later arrangements were made , halls were booked and an Angel workshop was happening.simon and I drove up to the ferry and sailed across to Orkney.

as we approached it looked strange..there’s something odd here but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it , then I realised there were no trees. It amazed me how much trees were part of my consciousness and I felt quite odd that I wasn’t going to be surrounded by my dear old friends.

Trees are guardians and I did feel exposed and aware that a whole level of natural energetic protection was missing..

we were greeted by our hosts and were taken around the island hearing ancient tales of viking invasions and shown various sacred sites.

after the Angel workshop ( more on that in a future blog ) I was invited to see an ancient stone circle. As I let my mind tune in on the journey there I began to get a download if information.

The circle was one of the main reasons I was there.i had started to get information coming through about Atlantis as far back as the land healing trips ti the Tor at Glastonbury. The circle was connected.

Atlantis was a vast continent and had many ages some of which were far more advanced than our world today would like to believe. They did have an understanding of crystals and natural earth energy and they knew how to harness it

the world is criss crossed with electro magnetic energy lines universally known as Ley lines.they may have been more powerful in times gone by or we may have had lighter forms but the Atlanteans knew how to make ships that had huge nagnetic plates on the bottom that reversed the magnetic polarity that flowed through the ley lines and thus the forces repelled each other and these cigar shaped sealed ships would rise into the air.

most people have played with magnets and either pushed or pulled them together and its exactly the same principles they used. There are even trains now that run on magnetic rails where the train doesn’t actually touch the track but is ” pushed ” onto the next magnet and is propelled forward on a magnetic field.

there are many examples around the world of lines cut into the landscape that can only be viewed and understood from the air..some have even gone as far to say that they look like ancient landing strips…maybe they were.

these ley lines tho needed power boosts and clear energy points to anchor to . I believe that huge crystals , some physical , some etheric were buried/placed at key points along the ley lines to energise them.many of our stone circles/ churches / sacred sites are built on these energy points .

the ancient cultures whether indigenous peoples or sacred orders like the druids knew of these natural energy points and the Atlanteans it appears definately understood and either built over existing energy points like the stone circles or added new ones.

According to my download there was a powerful energy point and a crystal of some form under this circle.

as we arrived I meditated and basically asked the Angels and the higher realms what needed to be done . There were quite a few gathering round now and your ego telks you , you need to perform , do some ritual say some sacred words…do something to make it look like you’re here for a reason so I asked my Angels again
“What do I need to do ? , walk the circle anti clockwise 3 times and..and..and..”
Then an Angelic voice came through clear and strong with just a hint of exasperation. ..
“Just be…you don’t have to do anything ”
” oh..”

Sometimes we get so caught up in human drama and expectation that we miss the simple truths.

we did walk the stone circle and I did sit with my back to the Kingstone but it was because it just felt right and not out of a need to perform…

I felt our presence had a healing effect on the crystal and energy flowed more powerfully than before..maybe it was the number of souls there , maybe a specific pattern of certain souls that needed to be there , maybe its not time for us to know yet but I know the energy felt clearer than when we arrived

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