Wings ‘ n ‘ Things

the Richard Keogh Angelman newsletter April 2014

lots happening folks – the Angelman Radio show is ready to go on air , 2 shows have been recorded , just need a few more in the can ..

the show will feature true life experiences delivered in my usual quirky manner with lots of humour , music and phone ins…its been a lot if fun making it and sounds crazierbas the episodes go on…hopefully it will be a lot of fun to listen too…well we enjoyed it


Each hour long show will be released as a stand alone cd and mp3 download and a visual u tube experience. The latest album project from me and Thomas “TJ” Janak is now available called ” Life in Motion ”

The violet flame gatherings at the Quaker meeting house , Kenelm rd in Sutton Coldfield are meeting every second sunday 7 till 9 pm, £7 entrance and are gaining new people every time. Its a chance to meet spiritually like minded souls and create personal and world healing through music , mantra and meditation. .. come and experience the healing power of the violet flame energy…