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DSC00234DSC00237Before I left Michigan I had this urge to leave the warmth of the school and head out into the snow and trees…
I walked across a bridge that all the students had built and a fine bridge too and walked through the trees.

just following an inner guidance I knew I was on the right track as I came to what seemed a wooden framework igloo with coloured rags tied to it. I was immediately reminded of tibetan prayer flags and assumed it was some kind of native american equivalent.

I carried on walking when a bird seemed to appear out of nowhere in front of me. As I tried to carry on moving forward , alnost l8ke a comedy it mirrored my moves and blocked me. I started yo talk to it saying I’m not here 5o harm you I just want 5o walk past…

the bird didn’t care..I was going nowhere . I wondered if it was a mother protecting a nest for although I was coming with what I hoped was a calm aura of peace and friendliness the bird flew at me !

Again and again he charged into my legs , each attack getting mire forceful. .. ok I get it , I’m not to go any further. Defeated by this small bird , l later found out to be a partridge , i returned to the school. Ah you met the burd that protects the sacred land…oh…I I was on the right track…
On the evening I was invited out for a meal by a group of friends that were intrigued by the English Angelman who was a vegetarian..

One turned out to have some native American ancestry and asked if I’d like to visit a sacred place that had only recently been re discovered and we could perform an ancient ceremony. Well that sounds just like a perfect day to me..

the next day they arrived and we set off on foot through the trees..hang on I thought this was the way I walked yesterday…sure enough we came to the wooden prayer igloo like frame..I know whats coming next thought and sure enough the mad leg attacking partridge appeared. There was a certain gleam in its eye and I just knew It was thinking ” I’ll get that foolish English bloke this time”.

Just as it was about to launch into our obviously attractive but delicately wrapped denim legs , our guide for the day recited an ancient prayer and it just calmed down and let us pass…I must learn that I thought..

the bird protects this sacred land , a medicine wheel was duscovered here on the ground…its covered in snow but our guide knew exactly where it was. We will do an ancient ceremony now and offer tobacco to the four corners…we walked the circle and made the offerings.

It all seemed wonderfully familiar and then I was invited to make a prayer. I invoked all the Archangels and as I finished the prayer a mighty wind blew through the trees and in the centre of the medicine wheel the wind whipped all the loose snow into a column that almost looked like it woukd form into a figure..

there were more than a few open mouths and I must admit I was quite pleased with the angels..they manifested heap big magic medicine…( sorry for the terrible cheesy native indian lingo… my only get out clause is that I was native american in a past life , so I’m allowed… ))

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