Through a series of various songs and guided meditations throughout the day, we will explore linking in with the higher realms, journeying to etheric retreats and touching upon past lives.  Each song carries its own unique vibration that will assist the listener to reach places they couldn’t normally.  These meditations tend to vary according to the souls gathered from short to 30 minute meditations.

Normal songs included are She Danced on the Water (which contains soul triggers to release inner information and cleanse the emotional body) – this is available in different versions on several albums.  Original acoustic version on Songs of the Spirit, accompanied by violin on Through Mists of Time, and a full band version available on Alive.

Other songs often used include Light Inside and Man Out of Time, available on the Tree of Dreams album.  Arthur, The Once and Future King, available on To The Sky album.  Ghost of a Boy and Angel of the Stars available on Waking Dream.