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From 1993 and a few years after I was managing a charity shop that sold records and books. ..a kind of heaven for me and I was always on the look out for volunteers. ..
The mormons had a policy of having foreign missionaries over ( usually American )who had to do a certain amount of service each week, so if any passed my door id reach out and pull them in off the high street and ask them if they had some time to give.

this worked really well as they fulfilled their service , I got work done and we could have interesting conversations on spiritual subjects…

true to their mission they tried to convert me to mormonism and were always inviting me to their church which I always managed to avoid until they mentioned that the service was going to be filled with peoples true life experiences. that sounds interesting. .

I took my place next to the missionaries and began to listen to the members of the congregation sharing their stories of faith and their belief , one man got up wearing a smart suit and I did something I shouldn’t have. ..I judged him..he looked a bit slick and smarmy. ..and then he spoke..

a touching story followed about the loss of a parent and the question of whether there really is a heaven and a greater question of doubting his own faith..hmm interesting. ..really engaging. ..

then it all changed…

the whole stage behind him turned a violet colour and he began to change…before my eyes he was suddenly clothed in glowing robes and although his mouth and chin remained the same as he carried on talking the top half of his face transformed into different features with blond curls.. wings were appearing above his shoulders…

this can’t be happening , I looked either side of me to see my friends reactions ..” can you see that ? ”
” what ?” They looked puzzled and a little annoyed that I was interrupting their listening experience. ..
“You can’t see that ? ”
“See what ? , he’s just talking. .listen..

ok I thought..only I can see this..I closed my eyes for a few seconds and then looked again.

the angel overshadowing him was still there..golden robes , golden curls,wings and radiating light…

it stayed that way for a good 5 minutes and as I tried to come to grips with it I thought. .well that shows you not to judge a book by its cover…this guy is either an angel in disguise or is being used by them..

it was one of the clearest times I’ve seen an angel with my physical eyes as usually its with your inner vision…

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