007In this workshop we will look at what a Merkaba is and we will learn how to create this sacred geometric shape and its many uses.  Through guided meditations we will create and travel in a Merkaba.  Physically, we will learn how to draw and then create the Merkaba as it is an integral part of the attunement process later in the day.

The Merkaba has many uses.  We will focus on using it for many ways of protection and soul travel.  The Merkaba attunement itself will involve creating a series of different coloured Merkabas that are absorbed into the chakras.  The Merkaba acts as a soul key unlocking hidden information from within.  This information will filter through to the outer consciousness according to the need of the soul.  People have found, after the attunement, that their soul purpose and divine missions have become clearer resulting in them making life choices which have enhanced their physical and spiritual life.