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Eileen Caddy was a bit of an inspiration for me…against all odds and fashion of the time she gave up a husband , 4 children and a comfortable middle class life to follow the guidance of her I AM PRESENCE..

Having gone through a similar experience It was almost a pilgrimage to come to the place where she was guided to and received all her IAM inspirational books.

these books had helped me through this difficult phase as I was racked with guilt so it was wonderful to actually see Eileen Caddy walking through the Findhorn café surrounded by what seemed an impenetrable bodyguard.

she was in advanced years and her escort were there to protect and fend off any body…er like me..but I was determined. I had to speak to this woman , so I elbowed my way through the new age bodyguard to find myself face to face with her…
” I’d just like to say thank you for all your books , they’ve really helped me and I like you heard my I AM Presence talk to me and it gave me this song called…
“I’d love to hear it ” she said almost laughing at my enthusiasm and my expert way of getting through her bodyguard ( who were all looking very displeased that I’d avoided correct protocol and bypassed them ) “come round my house tomorrow morning and play it for me , if you will ” she added
“I’d love to , can my friend Simon come too ? “, I felt like a little schoolboy asking if his mate could come to tea …
“Yes of course ..”
At which point the Findhorn new age bodyguard moved into action and ushered her away…

The next day I headed from the our camp site to find her house which I knew was vaguely over there somewhere. ..

I knocked upon the door i thought it was and a rather , familiar looking bloke answered..
” yes ?”
“I’m here to play a song for Eileen Caddy ”
He looked at me suspiciously and said
“She doesn’t live here , she lives over there..I better take you ”
“Thanks ”
“What kind of music is it ? She doesn’t like anything too heavy..”

For many years now I’ve worn my hair long and at the time it was down and flowing rather than tied up in a pony tail so I looked like a bit of a rocker or at the very least a dodgy hippie…
” have no worries , its an acoustic folk song ” ,I reassured him. They certainly were a protective lot this Findhorn crowd when it came to Eileen.

all the time this chap had looked so familiar and suddenly it dawned on me…
” what was your name ?”
” Mike. .”
“Mike what ?” I cheekily asked ?
” mike Scott ”
“Mike Scott of the Waterboys fame ?”
“Yes ”

My mind was focused on Eileen but I should have told him I had a few of his albums and talked music but it wasn’t to be for within seconds we arrived at Eileens door and he went ahead to check.

reassured by Eileen herself that she had invited us , mike left and we went into her living room.

eileen was one of those sparkly people that defied our normal concept of age and seemed almost childlike in her innoncence and wisdom. She asked me about my spiritual journey and which books of hers I liked and then she asked to hear the song.

I played “she danced on the water ” , which is a song that flowed from my IAM Presence and tells the story of making that connection with your higher self and following your heart rather than head guidance.

Over the years I’ve learnt that the song means many things to many people so I won’t explain it too much but towards the end , there is a silence, then a leap of faith and as Eileen listened intently she let out a little giggle as the story resolved itself…

I played the song with a gentleness I’ve rarely recaptured and she seemed genuinely to enjoy the flow of music and story , she thanked me for letting her share the story and her eyes twinkled again as she hugged me and I knew she got the song and then Simon and I took our leave.

I was glad I’d been able to thank her in person for the help her books had given me and the strength to follow my own path and tho I thought of other things I wanted to say i never saw her again and she died a few years later.

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