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2016 sony 38432016 sony 3816the first part of the ascent took us through the ruins of what was an old chapel and we gathered amongst the stones that were once walls and offered up a prayer for the healing of the land , then sounded an old druidic chant or tone ARWEN…it had a very calming effect and after enjoying the following silence we continued the upward journey2016 sony 35262016 sony 37992016 sony 37832016 sony 37682016 sony 37902016 sony 37882016 sony 3782… as we climbed towards our third sacred site and ceremony, we came through a wooded section by a gate , where we stopped and gazed upwards towards the trees reaching upwards from an old stone wall. “can you see them ? “, asked Rick as we focused our inner vision towards the wall and trees ,I could see tree elementals, stick like beings watching us, but others saw creatures I`ve never yet seen. Pale ,cavern dwelling creatures that weren`t particularly interested in us other than a passing glance to notice our presence. these hills must hide a subterranean world we aren`t aware of. the tree elementals were much more curious , peering and staring at our group as it snaked its way towards the summit of the ¬†hill. following the grander sweep of the land we curved round as the ancients must have done, when their was either a settlement or hill fort here. the view was breath taking and after some much needed refreshments of tea and cake we completed our third ceremony of the day as the sun set behind us. we called to Archangel Jophiel and Christina to bring illumination and understanding and to Pan to link us with the elementals and earthier side of life. we called for blessing upon all elementals, animals and humankind. at the closing of the ceremony , light was failing and we made our way down. ” I know a more direct route “, said Rick. we trusted him, he was our guide in the hills…the man is either a maniac or has a warped sense of humour as we scaled a near vertical, slippery hillside that would have tested the most experienced mountaineer. in fact I`m sure we passed Sherpa Tensing and a base camp on our perilous descent. eventually we slipped and tripped our way through the lambs and sheep in the dark until we reached the bottom. all safe , we congratulated ourselves on our survival and bid each other farewell. many thanks to Rik and all who joined our merry little group

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