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As with any popular point, with car parks and pubs , its a much used and normal first point of contact for anyone visiting the Malvern hills. it was in fact in this very car park , that while I stilled myself and sat in the car waiting for the others to join me that I had a vision of an Angel visiting me asking me to help cleanse the energy of the hills. it started my connection to the hills and here I was 10 years later with another group of souls, about to do the same

the deceptively steep hills didn`t stop us from reaching the very summit and we gathered into a circle again and felt the energies of the land. we`d been close  to this spot years before . there was  still an oppressive energy there. When the Romans were trying to suppress the local Britons there was a massacre of prisoners, just down from where we found ourselves. Although we`d cleansed the area many years before, we had a slightly different focus, clearing black magic energy that was blocking the ley lines. This was a more historical event cleansing and I`ve found over the years, that when there is a very extreme negative energy that has impressed itself upon the ether and surrounding land, it tends to clear itself in layers. releasing the energy according to the amount of healing energy involved.

this was a job for the VIOLET FLAME we called in Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst to flood the land with the healing , cleansing power of the violet flame. there was definitely a resistance to us being there , so I called in all the warrior angels for protection, while we did our work. initially I always call in Archangel Michael and Faith and the Blue Lightning angels to protect us , but in this case I also called upon Archangel Uriel and Aurora and the mighty Ruby Ray angels….as well as the Buddha of the ruby ray , just for good measure.

as I called in these mighty beings to cleanse the negativity , a mighty wind surrounded us. I couldn`t tell if it was resistance to our presence, support of the sylphs of the air or just the fact that it was a blowy day and we were on top of a great hill…the romantic part of me leans to the more dramatic  aspect , that there was almost an anger by unseen dark forces, that we would dare to cleanse their negative hold on the Malvern hills….. I should write books…note to self….write books..

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