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Each area has its own beings that look after their particular patch and there is a hierarchy.

While i was staying at my cousins who lives in a bus in his own wood, i needed some alone time and i went for a walk in the woods and found a sacred spot.the light fell through the gaps in the trees to illuminate almost a perfect circle, mapped out by fallen branches, rocks and plants. I could imagine elementals holding meetings there so i decided it would be the perfect spot to sit and rest a while and maybe even meditate.

The woods were quite quiet and i just sat there on the ground and kind of drifted into a daydream like state.

I became aware that there was a dark haired beautiful man in long radient white robes standing before me. He smiled and intoduced himself as the lord of the woods.i don`t recall much more except that introduced the concept of these beings so whenever i entered a new wood or met some trees i would always extend my gratitude or ask permission from the local lord of the woods.

I believe these beings to be of the angelic realms tho i have never seen them with wings, but then they don`t always reveal themslves. As time went on i was introduced to ladies of the woods, their female counterparts and noticed they often to chose to wear the colour of nature, green.

This led me to respect and connect with the green man, who i believe can be a composite of many nature spirits but in his true form is a being in his own right. He`s often depicted as having a face made of leaves , which ties in with when tree spirits have revealed themselves to me through the foliage of the plant.

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