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I once did an Angel talk and afterwards a woman, brought her son to talk to me. he was just about in his teens and nervously asked me if I could explain something to him, “I`ll try “, I replied.

it was winter and the dark nights were closing in so as this lad made his way home from school , the light was beginning to fade. as he walked down the street , he saw something leaping from roof top to roof top following him. he began to take more notice as it scared him a little and he clearly saw this shadow following him was in the shape of a boy. he began to run and made it home.

the next day at home time , the same thing happened again, he was followed house by house by this shadow of a boy. something made him wave at the shadow. it waved back.

I asked him how he felt about this shadow following him and he said it made him uncomfortable. in my experience anything that you see with your physical eyes that crosses the realms from spirit into our world is usually a guide of some type or a ghost, a lost/trapped soul. guides don`t want to cause fear so generally experiences like this are ghosts orĀ astral entities, either way , calling to ArchangelĀ Michael for protection and to help whoever is around you can do no harm.

I never saw him again , so perhaps calling on Michael worked , as his mother came to more talks and never mentioned the incident again….

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