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I haven’t spoken much of this as even I am still amazed, almost to disbelief and it happened to me…I was there…

I was driving home late one evening on the way back from a song writing / recording session in Walsall, England. It had been raining and I headed home as fast as I could ..
I approached an island and looked left and right and it seemed clear so I didn’t bother to slow down as much as I should. As I reached the junction , a yellow mini appeared and entered the roundabout as I was going round.

the road was wet and I knew there was no point in putting the brakes on as the speed I was travelling at I would just dkid into the mini.
the mini looked as if it was trying to slow down as it had seen me but was committed to entering the roundabout .
what could I do ? Try to accelerate past but it was too late so I’d crash into the car. Put my brakes on and skid into the car or crash into the island itself.

id begun to do my travelling protection , as I always do when driving and had called to Archangel Michael to keep me safe before id reached the island…now there wasn’t even time to call out “Michael help me as it was all happening so fast and I was headed straight into the mini.

there was no way to miss this collision but I did.
I stopped the car and I was 200 yards down the road and I looked in the rear view mirror and there was the mini spinning slowly round in the centre of the island.

Should I go and check if they’re ok ?, I wondered. .. But I hadn’t hit them and they’d only hit fences and the roundabout I thought…just carry on and I drove away a little shocked , trying to work out what had just happened..

whichever way I looked at it , my whole car had been transported from an imminent collision to appearing 200 yards down the road completely safe ..

as ive said many times…I have friends in high places…thank you Archangel Michael. ..
this incident happened around 1996.

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