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Rennes les Chateau is right above the Mary Magdelin ley line. She represents the Divine Goddess, the love energy. This is an important flow of energy that helps to keep the world peaceful , balanced and in a place of love. The activities at this site had been of such a dark nature that it had literally blocked the flow of the Divine Feminine.

There are many reasons that a country and its people are pulled into war , but could this important node of earth energy being blocked have helped ?the first world war saw France , Europe and Britain experience huge loss of life on the French battlefields. Hundreds of thousands were sacrificed in quite often  senseless acts. Could this high death toll be a blood sacrifice on a massive scale ? Was the suppression of the Divine Feminine energy have allowed this horror to take place ? I`ve always found the French people rather vocal and quick to act in force against things they feel are unjust . Ports have been blocked, students have rioted over much less important things , yet the world allowed a few men to plunge our countries into the bloodiest war the world had ever known.

Throughout history masculine energy when not balanced by the Divine feminine leads to Empires toppling and war and destruction on a grand scale. If we could identify all the sacred Feminine energy points and ley lines on the planet and heal, nurture and protect them , would this have a beneficial effect on the whole concioussness of mankind ?

Is the fact that we are being bombarded on every level of being from spiritual to physical having a negative effect on  mankind as a whole and the way we live our lives ? Low frequency energy , chemicals in the food we eat, air we breath and water we drink are dumbing us down to the finer things of life, the higher and healthier vibration of a more spiritual life…

hopefully some of the energetic clearing work we did on the Mary Magdelin line will have a positive effect

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