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We were all tired from the work in the church, but the day continued as we explored Sauniers living quarters and where he entertained some of the richest and unsavoury characters of the time. Each room gave up more and more information as we started to build a picture of a man who had been pulled from a path of light into one of darkness. The whole site is built upon some very powerful ley lines. Can you imagine if you had a consecrated priest committing dark acts and rituals in a holy place on top of very powerful energy lines , what effect it could have ?

These are only the conclusions we drew from our experiences on the day at the site , so its important for everyone to be aware that we all see and interpret things according to our own understanding. Suffice it to say that throughout, we weren`t hysterical or dramatic, this work is all perceived and done with your 3rd eye, so for any onlookers¬† would only see four people wandering around , stopping and meditating then moving on.¬† I`m saying this because as I re read it , the more it sounds like it ought to be a movie..or at the very least a book….back to the scene…

Some very dark acts took place in these buildings that I won`t go into detail about but were bad enough to cap all the positive energy and thus stop the flow of positive energy throughout the land. We did some general clearing and went outside into the gardens where one of the group was approached by the spirit of Saunier asking for help as he wanted forgiveness for his part in what had happened and his fall from grace. This didn`t happen to me , tho I trust the member of the group and her reactions afterwards suggested a difficult and tiring time as she helped his soul to cross into the light.

I share all of these aspects to this story to show how things are never always as they seem to the outer eye… I was aware that there was something happening in the garden as I can feel energy in a very physical way and thus I know when their are ghosts or Angels about as I feel them as physically as shaking someones hand but I was unaware of exactly what this person was experiencing or the conversation she was having with Sauniers soul….


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