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DSC01048In Oct 2006, a strange journey began. Two friends approached us  as they had been guided to do some  land healing abroad and knew that my group had been going around the sacred sites in Britain for quite some time.

I meditated on whether we should join them and got a very firm feeling of yes, but that raised a few practical problems…at the time I was part of the daily running of The Animal Healing Trust and any money I made was going straight to feeding and land rent for about 20 horses. If you want me to go , I said outloud to my invisible friends…you`d better sort some funds and someone to take care of all the animals….

it just so happened that we were hopefully heading to Carcassonne, to do this land healing which is in the Languedoc region of the South of France. This is historically the home of the Cathars ( a spiritual people, much celebrated for their closeness to God, wiped out by a crusade ordered by the Catholic church ) and a major stronghold for the Templar Knights.

Now the timing couldn`t have been better as we were due to fly back on Friday the 13th…the day the Templars were wiped out and hence the legend of Friday 13th being unlucky and hence us getting a return flight for £1 as no one wants to fly on such an unlucky day, lucky for us…

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