kwanThis workshop starts with a history of Kwan Yin and is followed by some ‘energetic’ exercises where we will be balancing the energy in the chakras through the use of the Violet Flame.  The first attunement will be to link the soul with Kwan Yin herself allowing the merest thought of her to call her presence to you to help in any given situation.  A guided meditation will take you in your spiritual body to Kwan Yin’s healing retreat where we will visit the holy temples and Kwan Yin herself (this meditation is available on CD and as a MP3 download).

This is followed by the second attunement which is learning the magnified healing ritual.  This allows the chakras to handle 10,000 times the amount of healing energy they normally would.  This attunement is ideal for the beginner or any level of Reiki healing as it complements the soul’s current ability.

If time allows, or in Kwan Yin Workshop part 2, we explore Kwan Yin’s energetic cloak of invisibility through some fun energetic exercises.