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If you are aware or have an issue with ghostly goings on there is a very simple and very effective way of helping them and bringing peace and comfort to yourself. Archangel Michael is in charge of many aspects of life, one of his roles is to help souls cross and rescue trapped souls.

If you do need help with ghosts you can say a little prayer in your head or out loud and call to Archangel Michael to come and help you. If you call his name three times its like dialling the emergency numbers and you get immediate assistance.

If you go to the music page , listen/read the lyric to “ghost of a boy” which describes how ghosts can be helped and moved on to the higher realms.

There are many beings and angels who are specifically assigned to to these roles. One such angel is Azrael

When I was giving a children’s angel day workshop we did an exercise using pendulums to find out using pictures which angels people needed to know about. This little girl, escorted by her uncle had both picked separately the same angel. I turned the picture over and it was Azrael.

Hmmm i thought should I tell these children about this “angel of death”? And then I thought of course, if I can explain this well it’s an opportunity to have a different approach to death and make it seem as normal and natural as it is rather than scary and unspoken of.

Azrael is the angel that escorts souls safely to heaven when peoples bodies die. The little girl looked at her uncle and they both smiled and he turned to me and shared with the whole group that “granny” had just died and now the little girl was very happy to know that Nanny was safe.

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