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A friend of ours, a nurse wanted to move house, she had a lovely little home but for some reason it wouldn`t sell. Knowing the work we did she asked us to come and energetically cleanse her house and check out if there was a problem . We started downstairs and each room was fine. Itwasn`t till we went upstairs and entered the computer room that we felt the energy of the house change. To be honest there is always strange energy around computers as they interfere with the human bodies natural electro magnetism , but there was something else here. “can you see that ?” My other half enquired and as i looked with my minds eye i saw this sweet old granny sitting on a rocking chair. We both saw and heard the following experience.

We asked the lady if she was a relative of our friend to which she replied she wasn`t , she just really liked her and had followed her home from a shopping trip one day. She liked her so much she`d moved in with her. She`s really nice, a lovely girl she told us. The only problem is , she wants to move and i don`t want her to go.

This sweet little old lady, although most people couldn`t see her had been putting off all the house buyers.

We asked her if she`d preferr to be with her family and friends and you could see her stop and think ..” Can i ? “ she asked “ and can i take these ?” And around her feet appeared all these bags of belongings. “ of course you can “

And with that a doorway of light appeared by her side with the figure of a man she obviously recognised as her face lit up with a smile. There was a tall angelic being there and then in a flash it gone and so was the sweet old lady.

Our friends house which had been on the market for at least a year, sold within 2 weeks to the next couple who viewed.

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