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20141007_185431During my honeymoon in Abberdovey , we took a walk through the harbour town and in my newly wedded bliss  , I forget to put on my tube of light prayer of protection. After a while we sat in a sheltered spot to look out at the sea. Within a few moments I began to feel the familiar energy tingle of a presence next to me. I

I began to focus my mind and tune in to the situation. Almost immediately I saw a an old smiling lady sitting next to me  , dressed in greyish non descript clothes and immediately heard the name Emily , quite clearly in my head. After a while it became clear to me that she had quite literally attached herself to my auric field. It was then I realised that  I hadn’t put any protection on that day and that in my health and happiness my auric field must have been shining brighter than a lighthouse in a thick fog..

Emily had seen my light and been drawn to it. I had begun to feel a little tired which is why we’d sat to watch the sea but what was really happening was that she’d begun to absorb some of my light.

I said hello to Emily and explained she couldn’t stay attached to me as it wasn’t health6 for either of us but that if she was ready I could help her move on to the higher realms. I quickly added that their was nothing to feat and that the Angels would arrive with her loved ones to escort her to a better place.

she seemed to smile so I said a prayer and invoked Archangel Michael to come and collect her. As the prayer finished huge rays of light followed by the sun broke through the clouds and our whole little spot was illuminated and then she was gone

I quickly put the tube of light prayer of protection around we and we went on our way

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