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As gnomes are of the earth and nature itself is a very healing force, it should come as no surprise that gnomes are great healers. I used to see clients at our cottage for healing and often gnomes would be standing in the room watching.

At first i thought they were just inquisitive , for as i said before elementals learn through watching . It only became clear a little later when the thought ( probably projected by them ) that they could help entered my mind and i invited them to help me .

At first it became obvious that the healing sessions they were most drawn to were where the clients had gounding issues. They would often work on the lower chakras and the feet to help the energies flow and ground more easily.

Depending on the nature of the problem i would intuitively pick and use crystals with the clients. I would often place large crystals on the floor below the healing coutch in allignment with their spine. The gnomes found these fascinating and i would often see them cleansing and adjusting the energy of the stones and crystals.

Clients were often blocked and surrounded by heavy claggy energy and i used scoop large swathes of this energy with the assistance of a gnome. We would stand parallel to each other at the head of the client then move steadily down the body to the feet clearing huge amounts of energy.

As ahumerous footnote , did you know at one point i worked the markets and for a while sold little grey cement garden gnomes , crying out to any one who`d listen “ give a gnome a home, take a gnome home today “….I Was even working with gnomes before i even became aware….

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