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I have a great love and respect for the earth elementals known as gnomes. When i first heard about them as a serious part of the spiritual world i couldn`t take them seriously as my only experience was of garden ornaments with bright red hats.

As i opened up my heart i started to understand these amazing beings and a much brighter world opened to me . Gnomes are often portrayed as jolly little fellows in waistcoats , pointed hats and long grey beards. For the most part that is how i perceive them . They are beings of energy and they can control their form but they have a divine blueprint and choose to show themselves in the form that we perceive.

Elemental beings are on their own spiritual journey of growth and it is intrinsically linked to humanity and our dear mother earth , gaia. Elemental beings by their very nature learn by following the example of beings who have the ability to co create.

Human beings have the potential and honour to be magnificent co creators. For a myriad of reasons humanity on the whole has not lived up to its potential save a rare few who we now revere and follow such as jesus , buddha, kwan yin but the chance is always there that we will fulfill our soul destiny.

On a practical front it means the elemental beings who looked to work with us and learn from us have mainly been ignored and set some very bad examples. We now find ourselves in the position that we now have so much to learn from our little brothers and sisters its almost a role reversal.

If we became more aware of gnomes and every other elemental being we could work in harmony with them and our lives would be enriched and flow in an abundant way.

If you know someone who has a way with plants, they may have an exceptional garden they are probably working with the nature elementals and may not even be aware of it.

If youlook into the story of findhorn, a community that grew in the north of scotland , you will read how a few humans learnt to tune into their higher selves ( the i am prescence )and communicate with the earth elementals to produce amazing and science defying plants . Theres is a story of how when you work with the nature spirits, amazing results are possible.

I had the pleasure of meeting eileen caddy who had been an inspiration to me and formed the original findhorn community ( see the findhorn experience )

I started to write a story about gnomes ( the adventures of norman the gnome and friends- available in most formats- see the shop ) and as it flowed in its rhyming couplets , so my journey with them began. It is through books, stories and folklore that knowledge and information is shared and kept alive.

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