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DSC01005Two friends of ours visited and asked us to accompany them to the south of france to do some land healing ( for the full story see the later chapter- templars, cathars and rennes les chateau ) after meditating on the subject it appeared there was a very real need for us to go to france to do this work but it left us some practical problems. We had horses and dogs that would need to be looked after while we were gone.

Everything moved quite fast and we found some friends willing to look after all the animals but it was still a worry to leave them and we weren`t sure we could leave them safely.

It was at this point that three gnomes entered the room and told us they knew of our upcoming journey to france and of the importance we should go. They added that all the animals would be fine and they offered their services in protecting them.

They said they would form a protective barrier around the horses , the cottage and even when friends walked the dogs they would form a protective circle of gnomes around the dogs. Nothing will happen to them they promised.

Greatly comforted by this kind offer we agreed and with that the spokesman of the gnomes whistled and like a scene from a disney film an army of gnomes in a long line marched over from the back field ( gnome hq ) and took position around the house.

Its generally known that gnomes work with the energy of the earth , they are excellent working with crystals, helping things to grow in the earth and now we know they are excellent protectors. I even saw in my minds eye warrior gnomes complete with chainmail and armour and it reminded me of gimli the dwarf in lord of the rings. Maybe tolkien was being inspired to write more truthful accounts of our elemental friends…

I`d just like to thank the gnomes for all their help and protection over the years.

When we arrived in the south of france we stayed at a lovely farmhouse and just to confirm that we weren`t going mad and that the gnomes were really taking care of things back home , the woman who owned the place was a gnome enthusiast and there were gnome statues ( some over 5ft tall ) everywhere.

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